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Panoform Studio makes it easy to immerse your class with VR. Whether you're educating in person or remotely, students can create their own VR experiences and share them with their classmates using our collaborative VR creation platform.

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Create a Classroom

Create a Panoform Studio Classroom for each of your classes. Students or educator assistants will be able to submit their VR scenes to their own respective classroom.

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Download and Print the Grids

You can use a variety of grids with Panoform, and each can help your students create their own VR scenes in different ways.

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Add Scenes to your Classroom

Once your students have finished creating their own scenes with the Panoform Grids, either you or your students can add the scenes to your classroom. Each classroom has it's own viewer for presenting the scenes to the class.

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Immerse your Students with VR

Each classroom has it's own viewer link. Students can access the viewer on a mobile device to see their creations come to life in VR.

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Share how you've used Panoform Studio

Connect with the Panoform community. Share how you've used Panoform in the classroom with educators across the world. Your ideas can help students everywhere become immersed in VR.

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Getting Started Guides

How to Create a Classroom

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How to Access the Viewer

Tutorial · 3 min read

How to Use the Panoform Grids

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