Use VR in the classroom
Panoform Studio empowers educators to bring the classroom to life in a whole new way.

With Panoform Studio, educators can present VR content to students using Google Cardboards or other headsets. Present immersive, real-time VR content to students both in the classroom and remotely. Plus, let students build their own VR worlds with our classic Panoform grids.

Present and Share VR Experiences

No extra software required. Panoform Studio works on any device with a web browser over the Internet.

Curate your student work

Empower students to immerse themselves in their own creations using our classic Panoform grids.

Connect Students from Anywhere

Students don't have to be in the physical classroom to connect to your presentations. With Panoform Studio, engage students from anywhere in real-time.

Here's How it Works

It's easy to start using Panoform with the entire class

Setup your Account

Setup your classrooms and add your students. You'll be able to browse sample content and lesson plans to present to the class.

Upload Student Designs

Students can upload their own work to the class using our classic Panoform grids and an easy-to-use form. You can also upload their content on the student's behalf.

Present & Share

You'll be able to control what students are seeing in VR using our free web viewer. Immerse your class with Panoform Studio.


Panoform Studio is a simple, easy-to-use platform that makes VR accessible to anyone. Now, educators can present VR content to students in real-time, without any added software or equipment. Panoform Studio is the most affordable and turn-key VR system available.

Camden Conekin

Creative Director, The Hummingbird Group, Inc.


256-Bit Privacy and Security

We maintain the strictest security standards to keep your students safe.

Education Pricing

Simple & honest pricing. No hidden fees. 10-Day Free Trial.



1 Classroom

10 Students / Classroom

100 VR Scenes

Community Support


$34 / year

Up to 8 Classrooms

Up to 50 Students / Classroom

1,200 VR Scenes

Email Support

Perfect for K-12


$899 / year

Unlimited Classrooms

Unlimited Students

Unlimited VR Scenes

Priority Support


Everyone is invited to use Panoform. Educators, classrooms, and teams of all shapes and sizes can benefit from using Panoform Studio to present immersive VR experiences in real-time over the Internet. Get started for free.

Educators will need a web-capable device such as a laptop or smartphone. Each student will need their own mobile web-capable device such as an iPod Touch or an Android smartphone. Additionally, each student will need their own Google Cardboard headset. This equipment is not provided by Panoform Studio.

Panoform Studio works completely with the classic Panoform grids. The Panoform that you know and love works in a very similar way with Panform Studio. However, Panoform Studio provides that added experience of being able to present student work to everyone in your classroom in real-time.

Currently, we are testing Panoform to make sure that the platform is easy to use for the people that mattter most — your students. Our goal is to create an intuitive platform that makes VR accessible to everyone. When you request an invitation to use Panoform Studio, your contact information will be added to a waiting list. We will reach out to you to begin implementing Panoform Studio into your classroom.

Learn from a New Perspective

With Panoform, enhance your classroom experience and
expose your students to a new reality.